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September 2023
Sep 01, 2023
1 incident

Our SMS service for the US region is currently experiencing disruptions, and ...

Resolved Sep 01 at 01:00am UTC

Our team is working diligently to identify the root cause of this problem and to implement a swift resolution. We understand the importance of reliable communication and are committed to restoring full functionality as soon as possible.

August 2023
Aug 01, 2023
1 incident

Request Rate Limit issue

Resolved Aug 01 at 01:04pm UTC

Today, during about 10 minutes, between 12:54 UTC and 13:04 UTC, some of our accounts may have experienced a Request Rate Limit issue which led our servers to deny access to API requests. Our team swiftly identified and addressed the situation to ensure minimal impact on your experience. Sorry for this inconvenience.

July 2023
No incidents reported